What to consider when buying your Home Office Chairs?

Choosing the best home office chairs should not be as daunting a task as it proves to most people. Before anything, you need to ask yourself a few questions that will guide you in choosing the best chair. Here are the questions:

1. What is your office room layout and size?

2. What style do you want in your office room? Would you be okay with a traditional set-up or are you looking for a more modern design that is overstuffed with as many accessories as possible?

What if there are pets in the office? 

Most people have pets in their homes that will at most times share the office chair with the home owner. Pets can at times mess all over the chair. When looking for an office chair therefore, you will have to factor in the pet so that you can choose a chair that you and the pet can both use. The considerations to be made are:

1. How washable are the fabrics? Pets such as dogs and cats love to leave their marks everywhere they go. A dog may drool all over your armrest or even defecate on the sitting area. A cat on the other hand will come from the muddy ground outside and sit on your chair splattering dirt everywhere. Using sprays to keep the bad odors will not help much. You need to clean the chair fabrics. The ease of cleaning will be determined by how washable your fabrics are.

2. How replaceable are your chair fabrics? Your pet cat or dog may one day destroy the fabric on your armrest. If there are no replacements for the fabric, you might have to re-upholster the entire chair or even buy a new chair. That is not cost-effective, is it? You need to buy a chair from a company that does replace the fabrics lest they are destroyed by your pet.

Quick Consideration facts about office chairs

(i) Fabrics

Fabrics are what most lures your eye to choosing a certain office chair over another. They are also what will speak about your style and class when someone looks at your chair. It is therefore important that as you choose your office chair, you consider the durability and quality of the fabric. Good office chair fabric should be long-lasting and strong. It should give you value for the amount you bought it for. Though your office chairs are bound to wear out one day, this should not be a good reason for you to compromise on the quality of your fabric. Go for fabric that has been proven to not only last long but is also easily replaceable in case it gets torn. If you go for a chair with low quality fabric, your seat will only last for a short duration of time. Again, bad fabric creates a cheap image about you. It compromises your taste and class.

(ii)Flooring of your Office

If you have vinyl plank flooring in your home office, you will be very careful in selecting your office chairs and how you move them from one place to the other.

An office chair with rolling wheels will for example leave marks and identations on your vinyl plank floor.
And who really wants this?

You will therefore need to choose your office chairs and vinyl plank flooring with lots of caution.

(iii) Comfort in using the chair

You want an office chair that is cozy to your bottom and at the same time ergonomic for your back, right?

An office chair remember is where you will be poised for a better part of your day juggling tasks and burning the midnight oil if things demand so.

Your clients when they visit will also want something that is comfortable for them.

(iv) The Themes in your office

As you buy your office chair, you need to consider the themes and style you want to introduce in your house. Do you want the traditional spacious office room or are you looking for the contemporary design that has over-cluttered furniture everywhere? Once you make this consideration, you will be able to choose the size and decide on the number of elements you want on your chair. The fabrics color will also accentuate the beauty of your living room if carefully selected to blend in well with what you already have in the house.

Honeywell hpa 300 Air purifier

If you have allergy or worse still asthma like me, you will be looking for solutions to your problem. Maybe you will have so many antihistamine drugs in your cupboard as well as keep away from pets and smoke.

But things can get messy when you have nonchalant roommates who will smoke even in your presence or even kids who are going to continue keeping close to their pets without a care on what you are going through.

Well, you really need to look for other solutions. And one of them has to be the air conditioning in your home. For one you will want a house that does not let in foul air in. So you will not want a place where there are so many flowers and pollen can easily finds its way into the house.

You will also want the smokers to do it from the outside so that you can at least keep away from the cigarette fumes as much as possible.

For the furry pets, you will ask that the kids wash them regularly and also brush them. You will not want to get the least involved with those pets.

But the ultimate thing that you will do to get yourself in good health is getting a good air purifier like the Honeywell hpa 300.

What this air purifier does is that it cleans out the smoke, dust, pollen and lint in your home. The pet dander will not be spared.

The Honeywell is so good that it cleans up to 0.3 microns of air impurities and so you are kept free from allergenic materials.

The Honeywell has different adjustable settings depending on how you want it to work as well as the impurities that are in your house air. The turbo setting is really going to work hard to get rid of all impurities and produce clean air even for a large 465 square feet room.

The one big problem with the turbo setting is that it is too loud and you would not want it to be in that setting at night since it is going to give you a sleepless night owing to the noise. Of course not unless you are in a really air dirty place and do not want to joke around with the smoke, pollen, dust and pet dander that is floating about.

It contains three true heap filters that are responsible for a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of smoke 300: dust: 320 and pollen: 300. Other than the HEPA filters, it also comes with a carbon pre-filter that will get rid of all the odors in your house. This is done through a process called adsorption.

The only thing that this Honeywell filter will not get rid of is VOCS such as chemicals and viruses. For this, you will need to have your house with good direct sunlight that is awesome in getting rid of such VOCS.

Sensory boards for Kids with Autism

Kids with autism do have sensory and tactile needs. They will want to touch, feel, see as well as hear senses that are not too much for them. Normally parents will spend time with them as they try to address and meet these sensory needs. But one can only do as much. Eventually, it will get tiring and exhausting so that one has to look for other alternatives. Well, one needs not look so far because you can always get your kid a sensory board for autism.

The needs addressed by the board include

  1. Reducing anxiety and fidgeting since the kid has something to keep them busy
  2. Engagement so that the kid is not so handful that they interrupt you as you do your things
  3. They meet the tactile needs of the child
  4. Teach cognitive ability to the kid who is able to learn patterns as well as learn about door locks
  5. Educational especially when you input things such as numbers, abacus and calculators in your sensory board

But you need  not spend lots of bucks buying your kids sensory board. No, you can always make it on your own. From home. All that you will need are a few things that are readily available in your local stores

What you n eed to make a diy sensory board for your kid on the autism spectrum disorder

  1. One by one metres plywood or stiff cardboard
  2. Latches and locks
  3. Abacus, numbers
  4. Wooden glue and screws
  5. Sand paper


  1. First smoothen the wooden board using the sand paper
  2. Map out places to fix the abacus, locks and latches
  3. Position them into place either using the wooden glue or screws

And there you have your sensory board. All Diy! If you lack the skills to do this, you can always look for cheap sensory boards for kids with autism here.

How to choose the best soccer backpacks

The popularity of a soccer backpacks has increased because it allows you to carry your gear with ease and convenience. Among the things that a soccer bag can hold include a water bottle, shin guard, soccer ball, and other football essentials.

The right soccer backpack not only helps you be more organized, but it also helps avoid misplacing or loss of small items. Students and those in office jobs can choose a higher-end backpack that has a laptop compartment. Thus, it’s possible to move from the office or class to practice without hauling multiple bags.

Why you need a soccer bag

Soccer backpacks have enough space to store all the things you require in the course of soccer training or a match. Another reason you need to go for a soccer backpack as opposed to any ordinary bag is that it is designed to reduce strain and fatigue.

Factors to consider when choosing soccer backpack

Choosing the right soccer backpack is not an easy task because there are numerous brands in the market.  The following tips will help you buy one that satisfies you fully.


You will need a soccer backpack with enough storage for all the stuff you need during practice. Choosing a bag with insufficient room means that you end up with multiple luggage or leaving things behind.

Body type

While choosing a soccer bag, always consider your body build. The backpack should fit you perfectly to avoid strains that can lead to back pain and muscle fatigue. The proper fitting pack ensures that you don’t get uncomfortable even after long periods.

Frequency of use

If you are a soccer lover, you probably be using your soccer bag every day. Therefore,  look for a durable and robust backpack for longevity. Though this type of soccer bag will put a noticeable dent in your pocket, its service will be worthwhile.

Personal preferences

Depending on the time you spend carrying your soccer bag, it may turn into a part of your daily outfit. In such a case, ensure that you get a design, style, print, and color that compliment your personality.


Besides getting a soccer backpack that fits your body for support, you need to look at the structure of the bag. One with padded back panel prevents heat build keeping your back dry and comfortable. The second thing to consider for optimum comfort is the shoulder straps as they help you bear the most weight of the bag. Sizeable and padded shoulder straps ensure even weight distribution for more comfort.

Materials used

One of the critical features of soccer backpacks is that they should be waterproof. The reason is that in the field, your bag is likely to come into contact with moisture. This means that it runs the risk of damaging the things in the bag. Imagine how horrible it would to reach into your backpack only to find your clean cloth supply soaked wet.


The right soccer backpack is a necessity for every practice session because it helps you carry all your equipment easily. There are numerous choices in the market, all you need to do is to look for the above features, and you will get what you need for easy movement of your gear.

Toilet Solutions for Obese

When you are big and really bulky, you will find that you will face a litany of problems all the way from urinary incontinence since the sheer weight of your body presses on your waist and bladder necessitating that you empty it. If you do not empty it within a short duration, then you find that you are leaking with urine. Well, the other challenge is that when you are obese, you might find it hard to wipe your bum after going to the toilet. So in this article, we explore all these problems. While losing weight might be a solution, you will find that you will have to lose the weight over a long period of time plus you could be using harmful pharma products that are going to do you more harm than good.

Wiping aid for obese

One of the best wiping aid for bariatrics is the bottom buddy which we have used with some of our patients at our elderly care and found to be very effective. The bottom buddy measures about 15 inches long and can be used with the toilet paper or flushable wet wipes.

Other than the bottom buddy, we have the freedom wand that is equally good and is longer than the bottom buddy. It can be used for wiping your bum , washing your back as well as applying ointment to injured places. Though it is a better tool looking at its capabilities, you will find that it is more expensive and we found it to be rather weaker. It has also been faked and counterfeited by so many other look-alikes that it is now increasingly difficult to tell original from fake.

Unbreakable toilet for plump people

Other than that, obese people might find that they are too heavy for the standard toilet and end up breaking it. In such cases, they will require to use some unbreakable, heavy duty toilet seats that are not going to break with ease. Some of these that we have used and reviewed include the big john open front seat and another that is not open front seat. The open front seat is designed such that you can wipe your bum while still seating on it and so wipe from back to front. This toilet seat for heavy people can support a weight capacity of upto 1200lbs.

Male Incontinence Products on Amazon


Living with incontinence for men is a daunting experience. It becomes harder and irritating when you take action and decide to get incontinence guards only to find out the brand you bought is not as useful as it’s supposed to be. Getting the right incontinence guard boosts confidence by ensuring you stay dry all day and get to enjoy life like any other normal person.
This article reviews some of the guard brands available in the market to help you go for the best.

Depend Shields for Men, Light Absorbency Incontinence Protection

These pads are designed to best work worn under briefs or boxer briefs – not boxers. They are so light thus making them comfortable and invisible. Another thing is that they come with worry free odor control that is individually wrapped in a pocket-sized grey pouch for discreetness.

People who have used this product say that it is a one size fit all. This causes a problem since some find it some few inches shorter and fails to fit them well. There has also been complains about the deodorant being too strong thus making it obvious to others that the user is ‘protected’. The glue used for these guards sticks to the underwear.

North Shore Double Stop Male Guards

North shore guards are mostly effective for managing post-prostate surgery urinary incontinence. Their triangular shape matches the masculine needs and they can be used under regular underwear. They are recommended for light leaks although people who have used them say they have a very high absorbent rate thus can handle more than a light leak.

Its elastic edge feature keeps the urine directed at the centre thus reducing the chances of side accidents.
On top of this, they have an adhesive strip that helps keep the guard from shifting. However, some people have complained that this strip does not stick well to the underwear.

True Care Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Male Guards

True care guards are comfortable and light such that the user cannot tell they are there at all. They also feature an odor guard that is not too strong making it the best brand to protect from odors. The side leakage protection is a plus as it prevents and minimizes leaking on clothing and furniture.

The only problem with these guards is that you have to fit it perfectly otherwise it leaks. This is a challenge to most men especially the elderly and sickly.

Getting any of these guards from Amazon ensures they are discreetly delivered.

Do not buy phenq from amazon, gnc or walmart

If you get phenq being sold anywhere other than the official website phenq.com, do not buy.

It is not genuine.The only place to buy real phenq with working ingredients is the official website.

The others are nothing but scams.


Some people bought phenq from these other stores and after sometimes realized that they were hoodwinked. The phenq at gnc did not have all the ingredients. It did not have the same results. And the manufacturers were different. It was just a case of identity theft. And you surely do not want to buy non-genuine products, do you?

Phenq real ingredients

Phenq as we have reviewed here contains

  1. Caffeine for thermogenesis
  2. L -carnitine that helps in metabolism
  3. Nopal that suppresses appetite so well
  4. Capsimax powder that helps with metabolism
  5. Calcium carbonate which in small quantities help with fat burn

Phenq side effects

While the fake phenq pills at gnc, walmart and amazon might have adverse side effects, the real phenq diet pills do not have. Actually, the only side effect that I felt after using the drug was insomnia. You see the product contains caffeine which in high quantities would lead to sleeplessness, anxiety as well as restlessness.

How phenq works

Phenq is a beta 2 receptor agonist meaning that it help activate dormant beta 2 receptors. In obese people, beta 2 receptors are not active. They are docile and therefore fat burn is slow. The only way to activate them is by using of these beta 2 receptors that are so good that you will find that after using them for a short period of time, fat burn becomes quick and immediate.

I have used phenq with a detox program and I was pleased with the results. You see in a detox, you are trying to remove all the toxins in your body so that you start things on a clean slate. So phenq removes all the harmful things you have been consuming from you body so that you are healthy.

Afterwards, you can now start only eating lean, healthy foods rich in proteins, vitamins and cellulose that help in digestion. Water is also needed in high quantities for metabolism as well as transport of food quickly. Water also helps in maintaining the body temperature.


Dangote given 7 kenyan oil blocs


Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote has been given seven Kenyan oil fields for exploration, Kenya’s Chamber of Commerce has said.

PM News reports that the decision was finalised during a meeting held in Abuja which was attended by both Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the report, Kenya offered Nigerian investors 46 newly discovered oil blocs during a visit from President Jonathan in September last year.

Kenya and Nigeria signed an agreement to increase trade and business between the two countries last year.

Daily Times reports that the Kenyan Airways now has 10 flights to Lagos per week in an effort to accommodate potential Nigerian investors.