Toilet Solutions for Obese

When you are big and really bulky, you will find that you will face a litany of problems all the way from urinary incontinence since the sheer weight of your body presses on your waist and bladder necessitating that you empty it. If you do not empty it within a short duration, then you find that you are leaking with urine. Well, the other challenge is that when you are obese, you might find it hard to wipe your bum after going to the toilet. So in this article, we explore all these problems. While losing weight might be a solution, you will find that you will have to lose the weight over a long period of time plus you could be using harmful pharma products that are going to do you more harm than good.

Wiping aid for obese

One of the best wiping aid for bariatrics is the bottom buddy which we have used with some of our patients at our elderly care and found to be very effective. The bottom buddy measures about 15 inches long and can be used with the toilet paper or flushable wet wipes.

Other than the bottom buddy, we have the freedom wand that is equally good and is longer than the bottom buddy. It can be used for wiping your bum , washing your back as well as applying ointment to injured places. Though it is a better tool looking at its capabilities, you will find that it is more expensive and we found it to be rather weaker. It has also been faked and counterfeited by so many other look-alikes that it is now increasingly difficult to tell original from fake.

Unbreakable toilet for plump people

Other than that, obese people might find that they are too heavy for the standard toilet and end up breaking it. In such cases, they will require to use some unbreakable, heavy duty toilet seats that are not going to break with ease. Some of these that we have used and reviewed include the big john open front seat and another that is not open front seat. The open front seat is designed such that you can wipe your bum while still seating on it and so wipe from back to front. This toilet seat for heavy people can support a weight capacity of upto 1200lbs.

Male Incontinence Products on Amazon


Living with incontinence for men is a daunting experience. It becomes harder and irritating when you take action and decide to get incontinence guards only to find out the brand you bought is not as useful as it’s supposed to be. Getting the right incontinence guard boosts confidence by ensuring you stay dry all day and get to enjoy life like any other normal person.
This article reviews some of the guard brands available in the market to help you go for the best.

Depend Shields for Men, Light Absorbency Incontinence Protection

These pads are designed to best work worn under briefs or boxer briefs – not boxers. They are so light thus making them comfortable and invisible. Another thing is that they come with worry free odor control that is individually wrapped in a pocket-sized grey pouch for discreetness.

People who have used this product say that it is a one size fit all. This causes a problem since some find it some few inches shorter and fails to fit them well. There has also been complains about the deodorant being too strong thus making it obvious to others that the user is ‘protected’. The glue used for these guards sticks to the underwear.

North Shore Double Stop Male Guards

North shore guards are mostly effective for managing post-prostate surgery urinary incontinence. Their triangular shape matches the masculine needs and they can be used under regular underwear. They are recommended for light leaks although people who have used them say they have a very high absorbent rate thus can handle more than a light leak.

Its elastic edge feature keeps the urine directed at the centre thus reducing the chances of side accidents.
On top of this, they have an adhesive strip that helps keep the guard from shifting. However, some people have complained that this strip does not stick well to the underwear.

True Care Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Male Guards

True care guards are comfortable and light such that the user cannot tell they are there at all. They also feature an odor guard that is not too strong making it the best brand to protect from odors. The side leakage protection is a plus as it prevents and minimizes leaking on clothing and furniture.

The only problem with these guards is that you have to fit it perfectly otherwise it leaks. This is a challenge to most men especially the elderly and sickly.

Getting any of these guards from Amazon ensures they are discreetly delivered.

Do not buy phenq from amazon, gnc or walmart

If you get phenq being sold anywhere other than the official website, do not buy.

It is not genuine.The only place to buy real phenq with working ingredients is the official website.

The others are nothing but scams.


Some people bought phenq from these other stores and after sometimes realized that they were hoodwinked. The phenq at gnc did not have all the ingredients. It did not have the same results. And the manufacturers were different. It was just a case of identity theft. And you surely do not want to buy non-genuine products, do you?

Phenq real ingredients

Phenq as we have reviewed here contains

  1. Caffeine for thermogenesis
  2. L -carnitine that helps in metabolism
  3. Nopal that suppresses appetite so well
  4. Capsimax powder that helps with metabolism
  5. Calcium carbonate which in small quantities help with fat burn

Phenq side effects

While the fake phenq pills at gnc, walmart and amazon might have adverse side effects, the real phenq diet pills do not have. Actually, the only side effect that I felt after using the drug was insomnia. You see the product contains caffeine which in high quantities would lead to sleeplessness, anxiety as well as restlessness.

How phenq works

Phenq is a beta 2 receptor agonist meaning that it help activate dormant beta 2 receptors. In obese people, beta 2 receptors are not active. They are docile and therefore fat burn is slow. The only way to activate them is by using of these beta 2 receptors that are so good that you will find that after using them for a short period of time, fat burn becomes quick and immediate.

I have used phenq with a detox program and I was pleased with the results. You see in a detox, you are trying to remove all the toxins in your body so that you start things on a clean slate. So phenq removes all the harmful things you have been consuming from you body so that you are healthy.

Afterwards, you can now start only eating lean, healthy foods rich in proteins, vitamins and cellulose that help in digestion. Water is also needed in high quantities for metabolism as well as transport of food quickly. Water also helps in maintaining the body temperature.


Dangote given 7 kenyan oil blocs


Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote has been given seven Kenyan oil fields for exploration, Kenya’s Chamber of Commerce has said.

PM News reports that the decision was finalised during a meeting held in Abuja which was attended by both Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan and Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

According to the report, Kenya offered Nigerian investors 46 newly discovered oil blocs during a visit from President Jonathan in September last year.

Kenya and Nigeria signed an agreement to increase trade and business between the two countries last year.

Daily Times reports that the Kenyan Airways now has 10 flights to Lagos per week in an effort to accommodate potential Nigerian investors.

Enjoy Life Outdoors With These Amazing Tips

Outdoor sports have gained popularity over the years. Many families with kids prefer investing in outdoor equipment like outdoor pool tables, table tennis lawns, ping pong tables among others that give them an opportunity to play outside. This gives the family an easy time to bond with one another not to mention the great skill and emotional development that comes with outdoor sports. Research has shown that kids who play with their parents end up being more intelligent compared to their peers who don’t. We have listed amazing tips that will give you a great time outdoors.

Always Have a Schedule

Unlike what many people do, get yourself a schedule and follow it strictly. You can discuss with your family to determine the best time for everyone in the house. This ensures that you do not go for a long time without having an activity together. The beauty with planning is that you can easily get your weekly or monthly schedules in order leaving out your family time. Family time is always best when spent outside the house doing fun activities.

Get the right equipment

After enjoying playing one game for some time, you will realize that it becomes monotonous. You will need to buy new equipment every now and then to give you a choice to choose from. There are excellent buys that include; table tennis equipment, lawn tennis, soccer, bikes, among others that you may think of to help you have a variety of outdoor games.

best outdoor pool table

Protect your Equipment

Most gaming equipment are expensive. You need to take care of them at all times during play time and even after the game. If you have an outdoor gaming investment, you need to protect it from all-weather damages. If you have a billiards table that you use outdoors for example, you will need to invest in the best pool table cover to keep it protected at all times. With good care you can enjoy the games you like for many years without having to replace the accessories that you bought which is a saving for you.

Always Check On New Activities

Every other day there is a new game or outdoor activity that is discovered. Keep yourself updated on all developments in the world of sports. You can do this by registering in outdoor clubs or reading online journals. These will keep you entertained at all times and it ensures that you get a new activity every once in a while.


Family gams not only get families together, they also give them an opportunity to appreciate what each and every one of them has as a gifting. It gives small children an opportunity to learn from their elders without having to freak out. You can make this a great family routine and you will be surprised at how strong your family will turn out to be. Get out of that gaming chair, stretch your body and enjoy an outdoor game with your kids!