Honeywell hpa 300 Air purifier

If you have allergy or worse still asthma like me, you will be looking for solutions to your problem. Maybe you will have so many antihistamine drugs in your cupboard as well as keep away from pets and smoke.

But things can get messy when you have nonchalant roommates who will smoke even in your presence or even kids who are going to continue keeping close to their pets without a care on what you are going through.

Well, you really need to look for other solutions. And one of them has to be the air conditioning in your home. For one you will want a house that does not let in foul air in. So you will not want a place where there are so many flowers and pollen can easily finds its way into the house.

You will also want the smokers to do it from the outside so that you can at least keep away from the cigarette fumes as much as possible.

For the furry pets, you will ask that the kids wash them regularly and also brush them. You will not want to get the least involved with those pets.

But the ultimate thing that you will do to get yourself in good health is getting a good air purifier like the Honeywell hpa 300.

What this air purifier does is that it cleans out the smoke, dust, pollen and lint in your home. The pet dander will not be spared.

The Honeywell is so good that it cleans up to 0.3 microns of air impurities and so you are kept free from allergenic materials.

The Honeywell has different adjustable settings depending on how you want it to work as well as the impurities that are in your house air. The turbo setting is really going to work hard to get rid of all impurities and produce clean air even for a large 465 square feet room.

The one big problem with the turbo setting is that it is too loud and you would not want it to be in that setting at night since it is going to give you a sleepless night owing to the noise. Of course not unless you are in a really air dirty place and do not want to joke around with the smoke, pollen, dust and pet dander that is floating about.

It contains three true heap filters that are responsible for a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of smoke 300: dust: 320 and pollen: 300. Other than the HEPA filters, it also comes with a carbon pre-filter that will get rid of all the odors in your house. This is done through a process called adsorption.

The only thing that this Honeywell filter will not get rid of is VOCS such as chemicals and viruses. For this, you will need to have your house with good direct sunlight that is awesome in getting rid of such VOCS.