Male Incontinence Products on Amazon


Living with incontinence for men is a daunting experience. It becomes harder and irritating when you take action and decide to get incontinence guards only to find out the brand you bought is not as useful as it’s supposed to be. Getting the right incontinence guard boosts confidence by ensuring you stay dry all day and get to enjoy life like any other normal person.
This article reviews some of the guard brands available in the market to help you go for the best.

Depend Shields for Men, Light Absorbency Incontinence Protection

These pads are designed to best work worn under briefs or boxer briefs – not boxers. They are so light thus making them comfortable and invisible. Another thing is that they come with worry free odor control that is individually wrapped in a pocket-sized grey pouch for discreetness.

People who have used this product say that it is a one size fit all. This causes a problem since some find it some few inches shorter and fails to fit them well. There has also been complains about the deodorant being too strong thus making it obvious to others that the user is ‘protected’. The glue used for these guards sticks to the underwear.

North Shore Double Stop Male Guards

North shore guards are mostly effective for managing post-prostate surgery urinary incontinence. Their triangular shape matches the masculine needs and they can be used under regular underwear. They are recommended for light leaks although people who have used them say they have a very high absorbent rate thus can handle more than a light leak.

Its elastic edge feature keeps the urine directed at the centre thus reducing the chances of side accidents.
On top of this, they have an adhesive strip that helps keep the guard from shifting. However, some people have complained that this strip does not stick well to the underwear.

True Care Maximum Absorbency Incontinence Male Guards

True care guards are comfortable and light such that the user cannot tell they are there at all. They also feature an odor guard that is not too strong making it the best brand to protect from odors. The side leakage protection is a plus as it prevents and minimizes leaking on clothing and furniture.

The only problem with these guards is that you have to fit it perfectly otherwise it leaks. This is a challenge to most men especially the elderly and sickly.

Getting any of these guards from Amazon ensures they are discreetly delivered.