Do not buy phenq from amazon, gnc or walmart

If you get phenq being sold anywhere other than the official website, do not buy.

It is not genuine.The only place to buy real phenq with working ingredients is the official website.

The others are nothing but scams.


Some people bought phenq from these other stores and after sometimes realized that they were hoodwinked. The phenq at gnc did not have all the ingredients. It did not have the same results. And the manufacturers were different. It was just a case of identity theft. And you surely do not want to buy non-genuine products, do you?

Phenq real ingredients

Phenq as we have reviewed here contains

  1. Caffeine for thermogenesis
  2. L -carnitine that helps in metabolism
  3. Nopal that suppresses appetite so well
  4. Capsimax powder that helps with metabolism
  5. Calcium carbonate which in small quantities help with fat burn

Phenq side effects

While the fake phenq pills at gnc, walmart and amazon might have adverse side effects, the real phenq diet pills do not have. Actually, the only side effect that I felt after using the drug was insomnia. You see the product contains caffeine which in high quantities would lead to sleeplessness, anxiety as well as restlessness.

How phenq works

Phenq is a beta 2 receptor agonist meaning that it help activate dormant beta 2 receptors. In obese people, beta 2 receptors are not active. They are docile and therefore fat burn is slow. The only way to activate them is by using of these beta 2 receptors that are so good that you will find that after using them for a short period of time, fat burn becomes quick and immediate.

I have used phenq with a detox program and I was pleased with the results. You see in a detox, you are trying to remove all the toxins in your body so that you start things on a clean slate. So phenq removes all the harmful things you have been consuming from you body so that you are healthy.

Afterwards, you can now start only eating lean, healthy foods rich in proteins, vitamins and cellulose that help in digestion. Water is also needed in high quantities for metabolism as well as transport of food quickly. Water also helps in maintaining the body temperature.