Are you looking to getting a killer bikini body that you can flaunt in the next family gathering? Do you want to battle obesity that has for a long time been shaming you everywhere you go?

Do you want to lose that baby weight without affecting your milk supply?

If you have answered a ‘yes’ in any of the above questions, then you are really desperate to lose weight. Well, in this phenq review, I will guide you on how to do it. Personally, I bought the drug after seeing this article which I would call one of the best phenq reviews in 2018


I will also give you a story about my wife who was battling weight gain after baby.

Phenq before and after images of my wife


Obesity? Very Painful




If you have ever battled with obesity, then you know how painful it can get. Everyone seems to be looking down upon you. They are either criticizing or sympathizing with you.

Walking the stairs is a hard nut to crack. Climbing mountains is something that is not in your vocabulary.

People even worry about going out with you on hikes lest you crumble and die due to cardiac arrest blood pressure.

Obesity is no fun. Your body looks like an egg. An ugly egg. You have a rounded head, a double chin and your love handles are so big that there is nothing to love about them.

Every time you go to the nutritionist or Google on the Internet, you are always looking for the best supplement that you can take to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the answers are not encouraging at all. Your nutritionist tells you that you need to work out more and eat less. Google on the other hand gives you shitty results of placebos that do not have an effect. You wonder whether you are doomed to stay that way and pray to the gods to give you a lean body.

Every dream of yours is colored with lean people. People with lean bodies.

Well, in this guide we shall help you on how you can get a great body physique, lean muscles and low weight.

I will recommend one supplement that helped my wife get her maiden body back after battling with weight gain for a very long time.

Just to give you a sneak preview into her life, my wife was this beautiful woman (well, she still is) before baby weight caught up with her and she almost got suicidal.

She was looking for the best postnatal fat burner that would help her lose weight without affecting her milk supply.

Well, things were not that easy and she had to look far and wide before she came across this phenq review that ultimately changed her life. For good.

When should I lose weight?

One thing that most people do when they read this review is thinking that they too should lose weight even when they shouldn’t. I therefore asked my nutritionist when is the right time to lose weight. His answers, I condensed them in this list.

  1. Only use weight loss solutions if you are over 18 years. In most countries, over the counter diet pills should not be sold to anybody who is below the age of 18 years since they are not mature enough to make decisions that would affect their bodies. At the same time, we do not want drugs to be in the hands of children, do we?
  2. Use supplements if your body has a BMI above the range of 18-25. You see the BMI also known as the Body Mass Index is a reflection of how much underweight, overweight or obese you are.

To calculate your BMI, simply get your weight in kgs and divide it by your squared height in metres or alternatively use this BMI calculator

So BMI=weight in kgs/squared height in metres

  • If you have a BMI less than 18- you are underweight. Do not use any weight loss pills. Infact, think about adding weight.
  • If you are between 18-25, your BMI is good. Do not use the solutions but be careful lest you slump and become overweight.
  • If you are between 25-26, you are oveweight. Phenq is your portion
  • If you are above 30, you are obese. Phenq is your portion.

3. Use supplements if you have a waist circumference bigger than what you ought to have.

For men, if you have  a waist circumference that is larger than 40 inches, you are at risk. Women on the other hand should keep their waist circumference below 35 inches. To measure you waist circumference, all that you need is a tape measure calibrated in inches.

-Find your waist. Remember, your waist is not your hip region. The waist is slightly above the hip where when you touch, you do not feel any hip bone.

-Measure that waist circumference and note it down

-Take action. If the waist is bigger than it should, think about losing weight. If it is less, move on with life.

Scientists have shown that getting your waist circumference to determine your body weight health is way better than measuring your BMI since BMI usually has errors especially for short people or those who were born obese. According to Dr. Margaret Ashwell who was interviewed by the Telegraph, BMI fails in showing distribution of body fat while waist circumference takes this into account.

My Wife’s Journey after she came across the phenq review

As I have mentioned above, phenq weight loss pills changed my wife’s perspective on weight loss supplements.

Her name is Eunice. Eunice had a killer figure eight body frame. Well, this was what had attracted me to this girl at first sight. However, things were not going to remain that way for long. After her pregnancy of our first son, Eunice changed.


She had crazy cravings. She would demand candies and all forms of pastries. Being the endearing gentleman that I am, I would give in to her pleasures. Little did I know that I was wasting her! But hey, there was no way I could deny sweet things to the woman who was carrying my baby.

So she gradually gained fat and after delivery, hell broke loose. It is then that she realized that she was so fat that she could not fit into her dresses.


She hated me. She kept on asking me how I could have allowed her to get so plump. My pleas to her and my trying to explain that it was she who had demanded all those goodies fell on deaf ears. She wanted to lose weight. Pretty fast. I had to do something.


My journey for serious weight loss pills began there. I read and re-read every weight loss blog I could trying to get the best weight loss supplement to help her get shredded.


Since she was breastfeeding, I knew that my journey would not be easy. Why? I had to look for a postpartum weight loss solution that would not affect her milk supply.


Finally, I landed on phenq. It was praised as a great supplement that would help her lose 10 pounds of her post pregnancy weight gain in the shortest time possible. I also found out that it is one of the celebrity weight loss pill used by most Hollywood stars to get ripped. I was totally sold.

Charlotte Usher
Phenq is one of the diets pill that work fast for womens




Was I satisfied by the Phenq Pills?

Yes. Phenq pills are great and that is why I felt compelled to write this phenq review so that whoever sees it might know of these great products. I have also seen other phenq reviews and all have praise for the product.


My wife was able to lose over 40 pounds in 2 months without necessarily having to exercise.


Today, she looks radiant and has never forgotten how great phenq are.

Phenq is actually a safe alternative to phentermine, an illegal steroid that was banned by the FDA. The makers of Phenq have copied the phentermine manufacturers but omitted the hazardous chemicals in phentermine. It is therefore safe and proved to work effectively.

Phenq Review by Kyra (Video)

In the video below, we see Kyra as she gives her phenq review.

Watch her here to find motivation to lose weight



Why use Phenq Pills

phenq pack

  1. They are very effective and will get you shredded in the least time possible. No other weight loss supplement can beat them
  2. Phenq pills are great anorectic supplements that help you eat little while optimizing your body metabolic rate. This way, they act as appetite suppressants.
  3. Phenq comes in amazingly low prices
  4. Phenq is a great postnatal fat burner that does not affect your milk let down.
  5. Phenq is the best product when you want to incinerate belly fat, the fats around your thighs and arm regions.
  6. Phenq is made with natural ingredients and as such you need not worry about any complications whatsoever
  7. Phenq has no side effects. The merchant website however discourages use if you have cardiac problems, blood pressure or diabetes

What are the phenq Ingredients?

phenq ingredients

Caffeine–Improve Thermogenesis, Focus and Alertness levels

Caffeine is a key ingredient in phenq pills.

You have probably heard people say that caffeine isn’t a good product when you want to lose weight. Well, they cannot be further from the truth. Caffeine is actually a great product when you want to lose weight since it makes you more active. Remember weight gain is mostly brought up by leading a sedentary lifestyle where all you do is sit, relax and wait for fat tissues to burn themselves.

People who take coffee are also more alert, tend to be focused more on their activities and rarely show signs of tiredness. At the same time, caffeine helps in thermogenesis. Thermogenesis according to is a process by which your body produces heat. It is common knowledge that if you are to produce heat, you need to burn up some calories. In burning up calories, you end up using body energy and in this process, the fats around your body are used up. This way, you are able to lose weight more easily. According to Webmd, caffeine has been seen to increase body thermogenesis from 28%  to 77%. This way then, you lose more weight with pills containing caffeine as opposed to those that do not have it.

The only downside that I can point out about caffeine and coffee in general for weight losers is that it might lead to insomnia. Yes, when you hear coffee, what comes into your mind. With me, I remember way back in college when we would use coffee to help us avoid sleep and therefore burn the midnight oil studying. Caffeine in this diet pill also leads to lack of sleep. If you have decided to buy the product, be ready to say bye bye to long nights of sleep since your body is alert burning up all the fats around your tissues.

Calcium Carbonate–Burn up fats faster

Back in high school when Chemistry was a hard nut to crack, we were told that calcium carbonate is responsible for strong bones and healthy teeth. We were therefore told to look for products containing the compound so that we would have strong teeth.

So, when I saw this report by  Hang Shi, a nutritionist training at the in Nutrition Institute of the University of Tennessee  where he argued that a low calcium carbonate diet can help in burning up fat, I was surprised. Hang Shi goes on to demonstrate this and you therefore need to think calcium if you are really serious about losing weight.

You can get the full postdoctoral paper at Fasebj where Hang Shi, Douglas Dirienzo and Michael Zemel discuss how taking calcium in is small quantities will help you in fat burning. The three argue and go on to prove that when you when small amounts of calcium compounds are in the cell, they tend to burn up all the fats. However, if exceeded, they tend to make the cell fatter. Taking calcium products so that you can lose weight might therefore not be the solution. With supplements though, you are safe since they contain the product in minute servings.

Capsimax Powder– Incinerate Fat

Sometimes back, I would not stomach eating any foods with capsicum. My wife who loves the fruit would make two dishes because I simply could not have it. A nutritionist friend however told me that capscium, other than spicing up food is also helpful in burning up fat. And I never looked back in eating capsicum.

Phenq contains capsimac powder which is made up of capsicum extracts as well as piperine which is basically pepper. If you ever lived with a grandmother in your formative years, you know how they love pepper. Well, mine was Indian and she loved pepper. She said that it was good for digestion as well as making her lean. And lean she was.

Because of this, we label phenq as one of the popular diet pills to help you get ripped in 4 weeks or even less.

Nopal– Suppress your appetite with this potent anorectic supplement

Nopal is a extract found in cactus that is rich in fiber. As an anorectic supplement, nopal helps you suppress your appetite so that you eat less but feel full when you do so. In the African deserts where food is scarce and nomads have to trek long distances before they find food, cactus is their way out. Once they take it, they find that they are able to stay for longer days without feeling any hunger pangs.

Nopal will therefore control your cravings so that you are able to stay for long hours without snacking or rushing to the kitchen or fridge to snack. When you eat less and keep your metabolism at optimal levels, you are sure to lose weight since the body will end up burning up all the fats to provide you with  the energy you need to push on.

I like nopal because they say that weight gain is brought about when what you eat is more than what your body needs. But how about, if you were able to eat less than your body needs? You are sure to lose weight. Nopal as an anorectic ingredient helps you realise this since it makes you have little urge for food and this way, the body burns up all fats so that it can get the energy it needs for survival.

Chromium Picolinate – Another anorectic ingredient to control cravings

Chromium piccolinate is naturally found in meat and most veggies. You therefore need not get baffled by this chemical name. Chromium piccolinate acts in the same way as nopal that we have discussed above. It controls your appetite such that your body does not crave so much for sugars and carbs that lead to weight gain.

L-Carnitine Furmarate – Fat burner

When you want to seriously burn fat, you should think about the L-Carnitine Furmarate which incinerates all the fats in your adipose tissue to energy. With this ingredient, you are assured that you will get ripped in the shortest time possible. Again, this ingredient is naturally occuring and is actually extracted from nuts and veggies.

Safe and natural to use ingredients

All the above ingredients that we have discussed are scientifically proven and safe. They are FDA approved and you therefore need not worry that you will  have any complications whatsoever when you take them. At the same time, they have been recommended to help in weight loss by world leading nutritionists.


Where can I buy phenq?

Phenq can be bought online from the merchant store. You can buy one pack or many with best discounts if you buy more packs.

Here is an image link that will redirect you to the merchant where you will get discounts


PhenQ Directions: How to take phenq pills

Every pack of phenq pill has 60 tablets which you are supposed to take two per day. This means that you are supposed to take the phenq pills: one in the morning before breakfast and another in the evening after your supper.

Though phenq is a diet pill for women who do not exercise, if you are one who does workout, take the pill before workout and post workout. With these arrangements, it will take you 30 days to finish the pack.

If you are however one who cannot stomach coffee, take the pills after lunch but not after supper. It contains caffeine and you might get yourself having insomnia due to the caffeine.


Phenq review: The pills as an anorectic supplement

Phenq is a great appetite suppressant that has been used by most people who want to lose weight by first reducing their eating capacity. Once you have reduced your appetite but keep your metabolism intact, you are able to lose weight fast, naturally and permanently.

After discussing the ingredients, you remember that we pointed out that nopal( cactus extract) and chromium piccolinate are substances that help you in controlling your cravings. They are wholly responsible in getting people to eat less while burning up fats.

Phenq therefore acts as both an anorectic supplement as well as a fat burner.

It has come to my attention that most Hollywood stars have been able to lose weight or avoid gaining weight thanks to anorectic supplements. What they do is that they avoid eating so as to remain relevant in Hollywood which somehow only favours the extremely thin and lean actors.

The likes of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and Jeniffer Lopez have all been said to be taking anorectic over the counter drugs so that they do not gain weight.

Kim Kardashian

Some have been found to be suckers for lollies and candies and when the Telegraph investigate journalist dug into the identity of these lollipops that the likes of Paris Hilton were always sucking on, they found out that they were nothing but anorectic pills made into posh candies.


Do Fat Burners Really work?

Fat burners do indeed work either by:

  • Thermogenesis

Here the fat burner such as phenq increase the body heat. For the body heat to be increased, fats needed to be burnt to produce heat energy. Phenq is made up of caffeine which is really thermogenic. The caffeine generates heat in the body that burns up any fats in the body.

  • Increasing metabolic rate

Fat burners also increase your body metabolic rate such that you breath more quickly or exercise more.

  • Incinerating the fat

Fat burners directly burn up fats. Phenq for example is made with calcium carbonate that helps incinerate all fats in a cell.

Can you use a fat burner while breastfeeding?

Personally, I would not recommend burning up fats while breastfeeding especially if you are not sure that the fat burner in question is made from organic products or not. Phenq for a fact as we have seen in its ingredients such as caffeine, nopal, chromium piccolinate, capsimax powder and calcium carbonate is natural and as such is a great postanatal fat burner that will work without any side effects or reaching your breastfeeding baby.

Phenq weight loss for men

Other than women, phenq weight loss pills can also be used by men. Men would benefit from phenq in the following ways:

  1. Get well ripped abs and muscles
  2. Reduce their pot bellies by incinerating all the subcutaneous and visceral fats around the stomach
  3. As an anorectic supplement, it will help them reduce their cravings for fatty foods and sweet things
  4. Phenq would assist men in getting killer six packs. All phenq reviews by men show that the product greatly helped them to tone up and get awesome body physiques.

Okay, away from the cosmetics and lets get into my personal review of phenq as a user. Having been pleased after seeing the awesome results that my wife had after using the product, I also delved to use the supplement.

You see, I am a gym instructor and therefore my body is my trade. If I slump and look like a drum, nobody will come to my gym or hire me as their personal fitness mentor.

I however slumped when my wife was going through her difficult weight period. I would wake up, sit infront of the computer and spend the whole day reading and looking at different supplement reviews. In the evening, owing to frustration and tire, I would go to my local bar and drink with friends.

weight loss for men

As I sat infront of the computer, I ate lots and lots of pop corns, ice cream and pastries. Through those two months, I never stepped into the gym or did any exercises. After my wife had lost her weight and was happy, the joke was on me. I was the fat one.

It was as though weight had left my wife and hugged me. This drove me nuts. There was no way anyone would have hired me to train them. I had to find a solution quick. But why find another solution when I already had one. So, I just asked the guys at phenq whether the product was only meant for women, and whether I too could try it.

They answered that yes, I too could try it. It would work

The results were amazing. Today, I have my awesome six pack physique thanks to this product.

You can watch the video below on how men use phenq to lose weight. The video shows the pros and cons of the product

How do I get Shredded muscles?

Getting shredded muscles is pretty easy. How?

  1. Ensure that you only eat what your body needs
  2. Burn up all fats using a good organic fat burner
  3. Exercise.Exercise. Exercise to tone up
  4. Drink lots of water before and after your workouts



Why Should I buy Phenq?


As per my phenq review, I feel that you really need to buy the product if you really need to lose weight in 4 weeks or less. This supplement is one of the products that I usually recommend to anybody who comes to my gym sessions and they go ahead to ask me, “What supplements should I take to get ripped fast?”

As per what I saw, phenq is a great postpartum weight loss solution, it is also ideal for men who want to get lean muscle without losing their strength.

Other benefits of the product include:

  1. Phenq is backed by science since it has been proved to work. The FDA has also stamped their mark of approval on this product that will surely help you get lean muscles and incinerating all those love handles that you are ashamed of.
  2. In case you are not pleased with the product, they will give you a full refund of the money you spent
  3. Ordering your product is fast and seamless. They have a 24 hour support system with chat platform incase you are lost. The customer service is top notch with an emphasis on tact and putting your needs fast.
  4. They offer free shipping services
  5. Phenq does not have any side effects since all their ingredients are natural.
  6. It is the only diet pill that will work fast without exercise
  7. If you order for two packs, you will get the third absolutely free.
  8. They accept various modes of payments such as visa, mastercard, American Express and even Skrill mode of payment.

Cons of Phenq

Phenq just like any other supplement has its own cons.

  • Over stimulation

Since it is made up with caffeine, phenq might cause insomnia. At the same time, it means that you will not have to take those endless cups of coffee you were taking since the caffeine in phenq is enough. Lots of caffeine have also been linked to anxiety and difficulty relaxing.

  • Might over suppress your appetite.

Though phenq is a great appetite suppressant, it might make you digest your inner tissues after staying hungry for so long without feeling it.

  • Only available online

Phenq is only available on the merchant website and as such, you cannot get it at your local offline diet store.

You can find other cons of the product in this video.


Frequently Asked Questions about Phenq Pills

None at all. It is natural and therefore will not have any effects.

The only con I can say I saw was overstimulation due to the caffeine in the product.

Expect to lose at least 2lbs when using the product. If you are however more active and follow up the usage with exercises, you will lose more weight. There is no definite time to stop using the product even after the one pack of 60 pills is done. The product is natural and you therefore need not worry that it will have any effects on your body other than overstimulation.

Each pack has 60 pills. You are to take two pills every day in the morning and another during the day. The manufacturers advise that you take the second pill between lunch and 3pm since caffeine in the product could lead to insomnia.

Personally though, I wanted to be active at night and therefore took it even after supper.

Yes! Why not. It is made with vegetarian products and as such you need not worry that it will have an effect on you.