Sensory boards for Kids with Autism

Kids with autism do have sensory and tactile needs. They will want to touch, feel, see as well as hear senses that are not too much for them. Normally parents will spend time with them as they try to address and meet these sensory needs. But one can only do as much. Eventually, it will get tiring and exhausting so that one has to look for other alternatives. Well, one needs not look so far because you can always get your kid a sensory board for autism.

The needs addressed by the board include

  1. Reducing anxiety and fidgeting since the kid has something to keep them busy
  2. Engagement so that the kid is not so handful that they interrupt you as you do your things
  3. They meet the tactile needs of the child
  4. Teach cognitive ability to the kid who is able to learn patterns as well as learn about door locks
  5. Educational especially when you input things such as numbers, abacus and calculators in your sensory board

But you need  not spend lots of bucks buying your kids sensory board. No, you can always make it on your own. From home. All that you will need are a few things that are readily available in your local stores

What you n eed to make a diy sensory board for your kid on the autism spectrum disorder

  1. One by one metres plywood or stiff cardboard
  2. Latches and locks
  3. Abacus, numbers
  4. Wooden glue and screws
  5. Sand paper


  1. First smoothen the wooden board using the sand paper
  2. Map out places to fix the abacus, locks and latches
  3. Position them into place either using the wooden glue or screws

And there you have your sensory board. All Diy! If you lack the skills to do this, you can always look for cheap sensory boards for kids with autism here.