Toilet Solutions for Obese

When you are big and really bulky, you will find that you will face a litany of problems all the way from urinary incontinence since the sheer weight of your body presses on your waist and bladder necessitating that you empty it. If you do not empty it within a short duration, then you find that you are leaking with urine. Well, the other challenge is that when you are obese, you might find it hard to wipe your bum after going to the toilet. So in this article, we explore all these problems. While losing weight might be a solution, you will find that you will have to lose the weight over a long period of time plus you could be using harmful pharma products that are going to do you more harm than good.

Wiping aid for obese

One of the best wiping aid for bariatrics is the bottom buddy which we have used with some of our patients at our elderly care and found to be very effective. The bottom buddy measures about 15 inches long and can be used with the toilet paper or flushable wet wipes.

Other than the bottom buddy, we have the freedom wand that is equally good and is longer than the bottom buddy. It can be used for wiping your bum , washing your back as well as applying ointment to injured places. Though it is a better tool looking at its capabilities, you will find that it is more expensive and we found it to be rather weaker. It has also been faked and counterfeited by so many other look-alikes that it is now increasingly difficult to tell original from fake.

Unbreakable toilet for plump people

Other than that, obese people might find that they are too heavy for the standard toilet and end up breaking it. In such cases, they will require to use some unbreakable, heavy duty toilet seats that are not going to break with ease. Some of these that we have used and reviewed include the big john open front seat and another that is not open front seat. The open front seat is designed such that you can wipe your bum while still seating on it and so wipe from back to front. This toilet seat for heavy people can support a weight capacity of upto 1200lbs.