We have already looked at phenq diet pills and said that they are awesome in losing weight. I also gave you a narrative of how my wife was able to lose her baby weight using this potent postnatal fat burner. So, in this post, I am going to discuss other equally amazing weight loss supplements that you can use to get ripped fast.

And when I mean fast, I am not talking about getting ripped in 2 days or overnight.
No. I anybody ever tells you that you can get ripped in 2 days time, then spit right into their faces and ask them to stop fibbing because that is what they are doing. They are lying!

Gaining weight takes time and so does losing weight. There are however some awesome weight loss solutions that can get you ripped in 2 weeks by seriously burning up all the fats, suppressing your appetite as well as increasing your body metabolic rate. With all these factors combined, you find yourself losing weight really fast that it actually scares you how you could have done it in such a short time.

Today, I am specifically going to talk about supplements that you can use to get ripped in 4 weeks.

Therefore, I will be discussing diet solutions that will help you get ripped fast in four weeks or even less. They include the following:

  1. Phenq
  2. Phen375
  3. Garcinia cambogia
  4. Unique Hoodia
  5. Forskolin 250

So lets dive into the individual supplements and see what they are made up of, their pros and cons, directions for use and what you should expect after using them.


I have already looked at phenq in my previous blog post but I somehow feel that I cannot stop talking about this awesome over the counter pill.

So how does phenq work?

  • As an appetite suppressant

Phenq is made up of two key ingredients that are key in making it an appetite suppressant: nopal and chromium piccolinate. Chromium piccolinate is naturally found in veggies while nopal is an extract from a cactii like plant.

Nopal helps you eat less while not feeling hungry. From common sense, weight gain comes about when what you are eating is more than your body needs. Therefore with this anorectic diets, you find that you do not eat as much and therefore, all your body fats are digested so as to produce the much needed energy.

In fact, the best way to lose weight is to fast. But how about the cravings and hunger pangs? Well, they can be averted using these appetite suppressants.

  • As a metabolizer

Phenq contains caffeine, the very caffeine found in coffee. Now, what caffeine does is to make your body active such that your metabolic processes are more vigorous and last longer. In this way, you are sure to use up energy as you breath and do your activities.

As a fat burner

Phenq is a great fat burner. The great thing about it is that it is made with natural ingredients and as such you need not worry of the implications that it might have on your body. I actually found out that it is the best postnatal fat burner that will get you losing weight without affecting your milk supply.


Unique Hoodia


Unique hoodia is made from the cactii like plant called Hoodia Gordoonii that is found in Kalahari desert.

Now, nomads grazing in the area have little food. They take the hoodia gordonii plant so as to suppress their hunger. This way, they are able to stay for long hours without eating.

Appetite suppressant

This awesome plant has been taken up by weight watchers since it suppresses their appetite. And just like phenq, you are sure to see results in at most four weeks of using the supplement.

Fat burner

Other than suppressing your appetite, unique hoodia also burns up fats in your body cells and therefore, you tend to get leaner faster as compared to what you would see were you just eating the hoodia gordonii plant on its own.